Shopping |I-herb Haul

I do confess, I am addicted to I Herb! (

This is a site I discovered which sells all sorts of things from healthy food to beauty to cleaning products! A lot of which are Organic.

There were a few things I knew I needed and wanted to repurchase and a few things I really wanted to try out! So this is what I ordered:

The coconut sugar, brown rice pasta and cacao nibs were repurchases, these are fantastic and healthy! I use the coconut sugar as a replacement for normal sugar in many things and the cacao nibs as a treat on top of Greek yoghurt with berries.


The pastas are great! I use them to replace normal pasta and I can not taste the difference!

The tea I have been wanting to try for a while, so I grabbed the mango infused green and also got 3 samples of other teas from the brand to try as well!

As many people who know me well know, I am addicted to YouTube. Shaaanxo had convinced me I needed to get the Real techniques sponge as it is a good Dupe for the Beauty Blender and she also convinced me to get the under eye setting powder which I am excited to try! ( I may do reviews on these products at a later date)


The other things I got were just impulse buys, so I will see how they get on 🙂

Much love



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