A Summer Christmas Outfit | Australia & New Zealand Christmas

Its a summery christmas 

I recently discovered that googling “what to wear on Christmas day” or “Christmas day outfits” was no use to me, whatsoever. Why? Because this Christmas here in Melbourne Australia, it’s going to be 36. C/ 96.8 F. No Christmas Jumpers, No Christmas Cosy Socks and definitely no festive Onesie. Minimal is key in hot weather!

Now don’t get me wrong, I am in no way a ‘fashion connoisseur’, if anything, I have very little dress sense. The outfit I have put together is comfy, breathable and as minimal as possible!


For me, this means very casual, picnic wear. I wanted to wear a bit of red, because to me this shouts Christmas, so this skirt is the ‘redist’ thing I have.

I think I will pair this outfit with a  “No makeup, makeup” (e.g brows, mascara, concealer and of course a red lip) look.

Christmas Outfit 2015


Very simple black singlet from Big W.

The Watch – Is the “New Look Tan Faux Leather Strap Watch” which I purchased off ASOS.



 Is the Daisy Street Wrap Skirt With Scallop Hem which is an ASOS Purchase also.


is Natio Nail Colour in ‘MYSTIC”



are another ASOS buy. They are the ASOS Square Sunglasses in Tortoise



Rubi Shoes from Cotton On (can no longer find on the website)


The Necklace is one I was given as a gift about 4 years ago – from a local market.

I would love to know what you will be wearing on Christmas day, is it going to be hot or cold where you live? Are you going out for a fancy tea, or a family brunch? How would you dress for each occasion? Let me know!

Is there anything I should add to this look?

I hope you all have a wonderful, love filled, joyful and safe christmas 🙂

With Love, Tracy

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  1. isaprofessional says:

    That red skirt looks so beautiful, we love how it matches that gorgeous red shade of nail polish!

    ISA Professional


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