Digital Detox | A Weekend Offline

I confess! I Love my Phone!

And for that reason, this weekend I have decided to try what’s known as a Digital Detox.

Now, the basic principle of this is to completely withdraw yourself from all forms of electronic devices and technology. Personally, I am not going that crazy.

Call me dramatic if you want, but for a while now I have realized that our society is completely engulfed in technology. I myself spend so much of my day either checking my phone, my emails, Instagram (Scrolling, Scrolling Scrolling….)

or Snapchat.. Youtube for background noise? Or while doing my  makeup in the AM? I think so!

Over time I think this can be quite mentally & physically damaging (How many hours of sleep are you actually getting after checking every update on your phone before bed? A Lack of Sleep will create a range of health problems! – Among other things).

Already, there are so many people (including myself) who freak out at the idea of not having their phone or a way to contact people. Now sure, to an extent you do need to have communication now days, but I think it’s just gotten out of control!

So to try and give myself a little break from it all I will be going offline.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not going to completely switch off my phone. I live in another country to most of my loved ones so I can’t really do that in case something happens (Bring back the home phone! If I had one that would be what I use!)

But. I won’t be checking any of my communication Apps, in-fact, I have deleted them for the weekend so I am not tempted. I will however, allow myself to watch Netflix here and there and maybe a YouTube video (or two).

Basically, I am going to have some ME time. I am going to go to the gym, read that book I have been meaning to, go for a walk around the gardens and down the Yarra and best of all just spent time with myself (and kitty).

I highly recommend trying this out for yourself at some point. Maybe not for a whole weekend but an afternoon, a morning or even 24hrs away from your phone and computer could do a world of good.

The world, WILL NOT implode if you are unplugged for a while.

If you do try this, do it for YOU. Do it because you are thinking about your own health and wellbeing. Do it because you want to challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone! Don’t do it because you think it will look good to other people or that someone is trying to force you too. If you aren’t doing it for the right reasons, will you really stick to it?

I will report back on Monday with my thoughts on the whole process. Did I make it? What I loved?  What I hated? Would I do it again? And for how long?

See you in… around 60hours!



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