A Summer Christmas | New Zealand / Australia Edition

Ice-cream, Christmas themed swimwear, Beach and BBQs? Yes Please! 


Can you even believe it? Christmas is 7 days away! which means the time is now, to put on our Santa hats and once again celebrate the silly season.
As someone who grew up in New Zealand, christmas for me was BBQs in the back yard followed by backyard games such as bulrush, rugby and cricket. The traditional Christmas Roast was still had, but more times than not, it would be served cold, with salads and a cold beverage. Dessert, Pavalova, Fruit Salad, Trifle… and a Christmas Pudding with cold custard of course!

We would see postcards of people in England or New York wearing Christmas Jumpers and drinking hot chocolate sitting around the fire but for us, we would sweat just thinking about it. Its funny how you always see Christmas being advertised in the media as cold and cosy time of year, you never see what we get over here in the Southern Hemisphere! So, if you are just being nosey or maybe you are visiting New Zealand or Australia for Christmas some time soon, here are some ideas of how to spend your Christmas Day, without the festive jumper!

Backyard Games/ Cricket

Some of my favourite memories of Christmas as a kid was running around being crazy and playing backyard games with my brothers and cousins on Christmas Day! The great thing about having Christmas in summer is that you can just throw all the kids outside to let off steam and it is great! It wasn’t often all the cousins got together so we really would have a whale of a time playing games, getting the sprinklers out and trying not to smash windows! Oops!


Going to the beach on Christmas is generally at the top of a lot of people’s lists! New Zealand weather can be temperamental, but, if its a nice day, the beaches in NZ & Australia will be packed! Why? Because why not? but also, nothing will be open!
My advice? Make Xmas dinner the night before and pack a picnic! Get down to the beach early to get a good spot. Take your swimming/ tanning outfit, a towel, a ball or a frisby and have a great day in the sun!


For those who can’t make it to the beach, a BBQ in the backyard is always a good idea. Sausages, burger patties, seafood, the works! Generally we would do a BBQ for lunch on Xmas day with the main event being in the evening so you really get the best of both!

Christmas in the Park
Generally, on Christmas eve, you will find somewhere in every town doing a ‘Christmas in the Park’ event. Everyone takes a picnic blanket and some snacks and goes along to sing all the traditional Christmas songs and get into the festive spirit.
Fun fact: Christmas songs in NZ & Australia still include Frosty the Snowman & Let it Snow… How ironic. Santa also still wears his full kit. Poor guy really needs a summer outfit!


And if you can’t find a park that is doing carols, you can always watch the Coca-Cola Christmas in the park on tele!

 Go Camping
Schools out for the Summer which means.. you have loads of time to go camping! Pack up a few tents, a portable BBQ, your togs (swimmers, swimwear…), jandles (thongs) & games! Camping on Christmas can be so much fun. You are forced to go out and find things to do and if not, go and hang out with other families at the camping grounds. You will often see games of Rugby or Cricket happening as well as BBQs with salads left, right and centre.

 Have you gotten into the festive spirit yet? Planned your Christmas Day, Got the Menu ready? I know I haven’t yet but that’s all a part of living abroad!
If this is your first Summer Christmas, have a great one! Enjoy the fact that you can go outside without getting frost bite and enjoy a BBQ or Beach visit. It may not feel as Christmassy as you are used to but as they say, anything is what you make it to be!

M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S

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