In preparation for Autumn…

Bye Summer, its been so. so good.

Autumn, apart from the beautiful leaf colours, is probably my least favourite season. It starts to get cold, with the odd hot day mixed in so you never really know what to wear. My least favourite part? The days start getting shorter, especially when daylight savings ends! All of the good Summer fruits and veges are gone and you are basically left with all the boring ones. Who even likes autumn?


However, I want to try and make the most out of it this year… so here are a few things I want to do & buy to be #fashionable’er… and a bit more adventurous rather than sitting home and sulking about not being able to go to the beach!

Get An Amazing New Coat

Explore a New Garden

 Drink More TeaGet a Pair of Good Quality Chelsea Boots

Read 3 New Books

 Get a Black Pair of Jeans
 Find a Nice Chunky KnitAnd Another Blue Pair…
 Go To a New Farmers Market Bake Something Autumny
Mix up my Skincare Routine – Hydration is KeySort out My Scarf Collection!

My mantra currently is making the most out of everything, find something positive in every day and every situation! So even though the days are ge4tting shorter, its getting colder and beach days are less attainable, its really not that bad!

What is your favourite thing about Autumn?

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