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Cafe Flat White – 798 Art District

Before going to Beijing, the one thing I was slightly terrified about was the food. Why? Because everyone I have known to have gone to an Asian country has for sure gotten food poisoning of some kind. However, my friend’s who I was staying with assured me I would be fine.. and they were right!

Not only did I not get sick at all, the food scene in Beijing is actually incredible, if you know where to go! This post is all about the amazing places I ate and places you should definitely put on your list if you go!

Tribe Organic Cafe | Vegan, Vegetarian & Paleo Options
Zhang Mama | Sichuan Food


If you are looking for brunch, this is your place. As far as first impressions of China go, Tribe was an amazing start. Tribe is a health food cafe catering to everyone whether you are Vegan, Vego, Paleo or Gluten Free. It generally has whats in season too which is fab. I had a bowl with Smoked Salmon, Egg, Pumpin, greens.. the works basically as well as a really good coffee!

Its kind of mid range priced but really good value for money. If there weren’t so many other places to try I would have for sure gone back to Tribe to see what else they had to offer!


Have you ever been able to breathe fire? Neither.. but you come pretty close after eating here. Zhang Mama is a somewhat traditional Sichuan Restaurant. I was terrified before going here because I had never tried Sichuan & I had been told that it can potentially really hurt the next day.. if you know what I mean. However, although the food was spicy AF, it wasn’t AS bad as I expected. The noodles were next level but the rest of the dishes we ordered were A OK.

If you do come to Zhang mama, you HAVE to get the dandan noodles – with minced pork, chilli oil and peanuts (we also got one without peanuts for me and the waiter was really good about making sure it wasn’t covered in them!) Everything else we had was also delish so I bet whatever you get will be great.


Russian food is an interesting one. Some of the food here was AMAZING. Some of it… interesting and not really my cup of tea however I think it was a great experience especially since there is such a big Russian community in Beijing.

The food itself was good quality, very well priced and the serving sizes were quite big! What I would recommend getting is the borsch, the potato dumplings, all the pickled things & the berry crepes were dreamy!

Russian Food
Donkey Burger | The Crib
Gelato | The Crib


The Crib, is a food hall which houses a bunch of different types of food. There is also a Little Creatures bar which if you are Australian, you know Little Creatures and will understand my surprise in seeing a whole bar there dedicated to it!

Whilst here I was interested to try the Donkey Burger. Yes, I know. Maybe a little bit controversial. However, I didn’t really eat anything else ‘weird’ and thought this was a good trip out of the comfort zone. Unfortunately, it was quite cold and I all of a sudden felt weird eating donkey and picturing one I used to feed during my childhood… however it was quite tasty.

The place I would highly recommend here was the little Gelato place. We went back twice because it was so good. You also have the option of covering it in chocolate sauce (delish!!). I had the blueberry & chocolate and would recommend both if you have the chance.


I can imagine that right now you are thinking, what?
However, it works! I would have absolutely loved to have come back to this place during my stay in Beijing. It is some of the best Vietnamese food/ the best food ive ever eaten. It was SO full of flavour, the portion sizes were great and it was mid ranged price.
As a bonus, this place also caters to Gluten Free and rather than putting what is gluten free on the menu, they state what is not. Perfect!

The vibe of this place is what really makes it stand out. Its cool, relaxed, friendly and they also have an in house iguana who just roams around. They hold a lot of events like open mic nights, karaoke, etc.
For food, get the crepe & the soup/pho type dish was INSANE. I would go back purely for that dish. The cocktails were also delicious and strong! So good.


In Beijing, there really is Roast Duck on every corner. So knowing where to go is a must. Jingzun is rated really well and after going there, you can see why. Its delish food at a great price. The portions are amazing and so tasty!

I will however say that the duck was probably one of my lower rated dishes of this meal. The skin was nice however i just don’t think roast duck is for me!

Vietnamese Canadian | Asian Food + Poutine
Chocolate Dumpling | The Dream | Din Tai Fung
Peking Duck Dinner Spread | Jingzun


This is another one where I know you are thinking “what the heck are you talking about”? I know, I thought the same. But as per usual, Erin managed to convince me it was a good idea and once again, she was right. It works, it just does. I can not explain it.

Not only was the food at this place glorious, the setting and vibes was actually just so cool! Nice outdoor seating area, cool bar, nice bathroom… basically its a must go to for lunch type of spot.

We ordered a load of different Taco’s as well as the R-Town fries which are fries with Nori and Korean Chilli… So good. And also cocktails, because I was on holiday so whyyy not. Can confirm, it was about a litre of alcohol and it was STRONG. Made for a great and spendy afternoon.


Baker and Spice is basically a nicer version of Starbucks. And in fact, there was one right next door. We ran in here a few times for a quick coffee and cake (the zucchini carrot type cake is a MUST) and also a nice easy breakfast of BLT roll and juice.

Although its not the cheapest place, its really worth it if you need to grab something quickly.


This is a place I have to give a sneaky mention. It’s as you would expect from the name… a bakery. However, if you are wanting some bread to take back to where you are staying or a quick lunch, the sandwiches and pastries are delish. It’s very in tune with the area of Sanlitun. Modern, Scandinavian vibes, bold and quite cool.

Mexican Korean Taco’s & Fries
Baker and Spice Breakfast Roll


Cafe Flat White is a cafe inspired by New Zealand cafe culture. As such, I obviously had to try it out. In pure kiwi form, I got fish and chips and an iced coffee and I have to say, I didn’t have high hopes for the fish but I was wrong. It was fantastic.

They also roast their own coffee which is pretty cool and also tasty. You can find one of these cafes preettty much anywhere in Beijing because they have about 10 locations.

As a bonus the menu is in English and Chinese. Really helpful and nice to know what you are getting. For an easy and delish lunch, Cafe Flat White is perfect!


For my last (main) meal in Beijing, we decided to go out for burgers. I know, super traditional. However, the place had a really nice view so we thought why not.
Thankfully, the burgers, cocktails and the view did not disappoint. The burger was literally the best burger I have ever eaten.. which is saying a lot, but its true. It was the best way to end my trip with these beaut ladies.
I can also highly recommend the Lychee Martini. If you do go, try and get in early to get a window seat as there isn’t many and unfortunately we missed out. however we still managed to go out on to the roof afterwards to take some snaps of Beijing at night.


Now this, was my last meal in China. We had just finished our burgers and I was talking about how amazing these dumplings were when we had them on the first day. Funnily enough, there happened to be a shoot off of the chain just one level down so bonus!

When we got in there, we just said this is all we wanted. The guy looked at us as though we were nuts but you know, the heart wants what the heart wants and we probably couldn’t have fit any more in if we tried… (although thinking back, I prrrrooobably could have gone for another round of soup dumplings because gosh darn, they just are not as good in Melbourne.

As to what to order from Din Tai Fung? Just order whatever tickles your fancy because I do not think there was a dish here that wasn’t delish!

Burgers & Cocktails at Bluefrog
24hr traditional Chinese food restaurant


This one I had to add in the end as an added extra because we went here for end of the night birthday drinks and I was completely blown away. Not only were the drinks fab but the bar itself was one of the coolest places I have been to!

They have loads of events here from what I know… but if you ever get a chance to even just pop in for a cocktail as we did, DO IT. Its flippin amazing!!

Cocktails at Red Dog
Cocktails at 4Corners
The interior of Red Dog! Photo does not do it justice.

Overall, I had a great experience with the food scene in Beijing. I honestly don’t think it could have been any better.

There are bound to be places I have missed off this list and I will add in the future if I can remember but all in all, it was FAB.

If you have any questions about these places/ any other recommendations you think I could add to this list, please leave a comment below!

Tracy x

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