China Travel | The Great Wall of China – Mutianyu Great Wall

A big ol’ tick off my Travel Bucket List

When I decided to go to China, apart from seeing friends, the main thing I wanted to do was hike The Great Wall Of China!
Before leaving I had not much idea of how or what I would need to do this but I put all my trust in my beautiful friends and it seemed to work out for the best.

I should probably add that I did the wall in two parts over two separate days. One, we did a ‘touristy’ part of the wall and the other, Erin and Myself did a Hike with Beijing Hikers called the “Waste-Free Wall” Clean Up Hike! – This part is coming soon!


Mutianyu Great Wall is one of the four main tourist sections of the Great Wall. It’s very beautiful and somewhat less crowded than other areas of the wall (from what I heard). However, still arrive early to miss the crowds!!

We got to Mutianyu via a private driver. For 3 people, this was the easiest and quickest way to get to the wall. The drive was about an hour or so. Once arriving, you do have to buy tickets to go up to the wall, you also have to buy tickets for the cable car and/or luge if you aren’t planning on hiking up & down.

The trip up on the cable car is about 5 minutes and you do get a pretty good view (it would probably be better if it wasn’t so polluted and overcast) however the excitement for me was a little cray so I didn’t mind! The excitement when reaching the top was real. I just stood for a second not believing where I was. Somewhere I had only seen on TV and dreamed of going to.

This section of the wall is quite well preserved but also has been kept nice over the years which is nice but in some parts you can really tell its not the original wall.
I can’t quite remember how far up the wall we walked that day but it was a few many kms.

We decided to eat our packed lunch at the top of one of the towers looking over the beautiful wall and autumnal trees and shrubbery. A fun fact is that you can indeed receive/make phone calls up on the wall… so if need be, you can do that.

After a few hours of hiking, climbing, photo taking a being grateful for the clouds leaving and the sun coming out we started making our way down. Erin and I decided that we would take the Toboggan/ Luge. If you visit this part of the wall, this is a MUST. It’s so much fun. It isn’t run by electronics or anything fancy, you sit in a little cart and use a break lever to go and stop! It’s such a cool way to end a great day at the wall.

All in all, seeing this part of the wall was amazing! I would highly recommend seeing this part of the wall if you can.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below!

Tracy xx

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