5 Highlights From The Past Few Months and Exciting News!

Oh hey there, I know, I know, I said this year was going to be the year I kept on top of my blog… and it kind of was and then life happened and I had to prioritize other things. I was going to just jump straight back in with a few exciting posts, one being my Byron Travel Guide but I decided to do a bit of a catch up first! (The Byron Travel Guide will be next!)

After looking over my highlights from the last few months, its really been a blast! I have done a lot of cool things, eaten wayyy too much gelato & done a LOT of pilates.

Byron Bay Holiday – There is going to be a whole post on this but to summarize, it was amazing, I fell on love and want to live there ASAP. Unfortunately, not a realistic goal but seriously such a dream boat of a place. Highlights… The food! So much food, so many amazing beaches, being chased by wasps, seeing a snake skin & dolphins whilst eating more gelato, lighthouse tours, kayaking… the list is endless. But my favourite part of the trip was just going away with Dietmar. It was our first holiday together in 2 and a half years which was SO good. Lets go back, now? thanks. One thing I did in Byron which brought me more joy than I ever thought it would, was swimming in the sea. I haven’t done in in years and I can’t even explain the rush of happiness that came over me when I did.

The 30th – When one of my oldest Melbourne friends invited me to her ‘Winery Tour 30th’ there was no way I was saying no or missing out on that. It really was a fab day out. Catching up with people I haven’t seen in years and spending time with friends I just don’t see enough. Drinking wine, eating good food, relaxing in the end of summer sunshine. It was definitely a highlight. It’s very delayed but Happy 30th Ash! I hope the first few months of being 30 have been just as much of a blast!

Muriel’s Wedding – Before moving to Melbourne I never thought I would become a ‘Musical Person’. Honestly it’s just not something I ever did. But after seeing a few, it is now one of my favourite past times. I went to see Muriels with a good friend of mine and it was a really great night out. Its Australian, it’s funny and it had people I knew in the cast and crew so all around it was just a great time. There is seems to be nothing better than I night with a friend, eating crackers and dip, drinking wine.. and G&Ts and at the end of it having horrendous blisters. But it was worth it. If you love a musical, go and see it! You can buy tickets here.

New Zealand – A few times a year I try to get back to NZ to see my family & friends. This trip ti was more about family and it was really nice. For a change of scenery & to save a long bus trip, I decided to take the ferry from Auckland to Coromandal to spend time with my dad and it is a trip I would really recommend. I always took NZ and its beautiful scenery for granted and had really forgotten how good it is. This trip made me appreciate where I come from and how lucky NZer’s are to live in such a stunning country. Of course as always it was nice to see everyone but that ferry ride was such a highlight.

I’m a Qualified Reformer Pilates Instructor!!! – This, is potentially the most exciting piece of news from the past few months! (Well, a year if you count when I started training to do this). This has been the main reason for my absence. Every extra and spare minute I had was studying and practicing to get to the exam for this. It was awful if I am honest but it was really, really worth it when I got the news that I passed!! It may seem like something small but to me it represents a lot more than just a piece of paper. No, I am not instructing yet. Hopefully soon, but that’s something I need to work out. For now, I did it! Definitely very proud of myself for that one.

There’s a part of me now, that wondered if I have now reached my limit of exciting things for the year but there’s a part of me that hopes and thinks it definitely isn’t over. Sometimes it is good to sit down and reflect on everything that happens because life can really start to feel the same day in and day out. Even now just after writing this, I feel very grateful and can’t wait to see what else this year has to bring!

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