Australia Travel | South Melbourne Coffee Guide

Coffee in Melbourne is kinda a big deal…

Melbourne is rather well known for a few good things. Those things being Food & Coffee… I love em both. No matter where you go, there are SO many options ( good and bad) which can be quite overwhelming so sometimes you need a hand in knowing where to go.

Coffee comes in so many forms and tastes so for me it must tick a few boxes:

1. Non-Acidic (this is obviously personal preference. If you would like a post on “Top, Acidic, Coffee Spots” let me know.
2. Options – I like there to be an option of Long Black, Filter, Almond Milk etc – a lot of places also offer coffee beans from different places. I know I enjoy beans from certain places because I am a #coffeesnob.
3. Atmosphere – Can I sit down, Can I speak to the person next to me without having to yell?
4. Good Customer Service
5. Open on weekends 

Its worth adding that I KNOW there are more fab coffee places in South Melbourne but for the purpose of keeping this short and sweet so we aren’t here all day I will just give you my TOP top 4.

St Ali Coffee Roasters

The coffee here really is exceptional. I have had a few different types and every time it was delish. The cafe is in a industrial area in South Melbourne but not far from the main strip. They also do good food! But the coffee was definitely the highlight. Worth a trip to South Melbourne just for the coffee.

Clement Coffee

Located on the outside of the South Melbourne Market. This coffee shop is awesome. The coffee itself is great but as with most Melbourne coffee, a little overpriced. They have a good range of coffee beans and the little shop itself is really cute. My go to from here is def an Almond Latte however the Long Black is also a solid 4.5.

Market Lane Coffee

This is currently our Sunday grocery shopping local stop. The pour over is fab, service is great and they serve the coffee in actual mugs. In my eyes, that’s a winner. They have a good range of blends and single origin but also not too many that it is overwhelming. It’s just across the road from the market but a must stop!

Aucuba Coffee Roasters

I think this is classed as south Melbourne… it’s definitely south & in Melbourne. The best part about this place is the atmosphere and the cafe itself. It’s got charm. The coffee is good and the food is also pretty tops. If you want to go somewhere a little out of the way, give this a go.

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