2019 | Its a wrap! The end of a year, The end of a decade

2019, what a year. What a whirlwind of a year! I know they say that as you get older time goes quicker but really, I don’t know how. 2019 was a year of ups and downs and was really interesting. I learnt a lot about myself, one of the major things being that you won’t always accomplish everything you want to in a year and thats okay. But with all the ups and downs, I am grateful for the year of learning, new experiences, new friendships and growing the ones I have. I thought I would do my annual round up, but probably with less pictures as I did manage to forget to photograph pretty much the whole year.


Summer is one of my favourite times of year. Everyone is pretty happy, the weather is nice which means feeling more motivated, doing more outdoor activities and generally just soaking up a little more Vitamin D. We started the year strong with hiking and echidna spotting up in the north eastern? mountain ranges in Melbourne. It was an experience and pretty cool to see an echidna in the wild. Hiking really became a good part of us last summer and I hope we can do more of it this summer too!

We also managed a few decent beach days and gelato stops around the city. Our personal fav is Spring Street Grocer but there are loads of good gelato spots in the city. Another highlight to start off the year was celebrating a friends 30th with a winery tour! It was the first one I have done in Melbourne and it was so much fun!


Autumn 2019 was a bit of a winner. It started in Byron Bay, which became one of my favourite places ever, hilarious as I had actually put off the trip for a while thinking I wouldn’t really love it… now all I want is to go back.

I also managed to go to the same musical twice in autumn, a work perk but it was so great. If you get a chance, Muriels Wedding is so fun and a really great night out. I also headed back to NZ to see family and friends which for me is always a good time! this time around i did something different by taking a Ferry to Coromandel via Auckland and realised how much I missed NZ scenery! It really is just so beautiful.

My biggest achievement of the year also happened in Autumn, this being completing and receiving my certification for Reformer Pilates Instructing. This for me was a really big thing as the process was something I didn’t expect, however I did it and hopefully this year I can do more with my qualification!


Winter for me is generally a bit of a meh time of year. However this winter we had planned a trip to Japan, a time to spend a few weeks away together and get some summer weather… well. However, before this I had a few fun things going on. Firstly, watching one of my favourite people and absolute boss friends competing in a Power Lifting Comp and then smashing it was amazing. Then had a good friend come over to visit from NZ, made the first few weeks of winter pretty jam packed.

Japan was a bit of an interesting trip. Amazing country with lovely people, great food and great scenery however this trip was definitely a learning curve. First thing learnt, don’t go to Japan in Summer. There are blog posts coming about Japan so I will leave the details for them.

The rest of Winter after japan was a bit of a whirlwind. We explored some more of Melbourne, I watched my amazing friend smash another Power Lifting Competition and I worked a lot.


My absolute favourite time of year. Watching the city come alive again with all the flowers blooming and the trees turning green really seems to be a turning point in the year. For me it means that summer is coming but its not too hot or cold. There are baby animals to see, gardens to visit and everyone is in a happy and fun mood.

My Spring started off amazingly with my friend Gemma coming to melb for a pre wedding girls weekend. We shopped, had photoshoots, ate a lot of food and generally just hung out. It was the best few days! This month we also decided to pretend it was summer and go down the coast for a beach and exploring day, realised pretty quickly that wearing dresses and summer clothing was premature but oh well, it was fun!

I also had a great time at a work get away, a bit of a staycation as such and also explored a few new places in Melbourne we hadn’t been to such as Montsalvat in Eltham (post about this here).

Spring ended with the Wedding of the year. My friends Gemma and Ben tied the knot in NZ, meaning not only did I get to go back for a break, but I got to experience and be a part of one of the best weddings ever. It was so amazing and I am so grateful that I got to be a part of it! It filled my heart with a lot of joy and warm fuzzies.

And that is it, thats my 2019 in a small wrapped up blog post. Although it wasn’t the best year, it was a year of many things. Writing them all out like this really makes me realise how many amazing things happened which is always nice.

2020, the roaring 20’s have begun again. I can’t wait!! This year I have so many goals and those do include continuing this blog. I nearly stop it every now and then, then I realise how much I actually enjoy writing these posts.

Happy 2020 Blog Fam. Let’s make this the best year yet!! xx

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  1. Great recs, thank you for sharing!


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