What We Did In Hobart | Tasmania Travels

We were lucky enough to head to Tasmania right before all the current madness began and I am so glad we got the chance to go because we had a great time!
Tasmania in general has to be one of the most underrated places I have been to. When I told people thats where we were going for a weekend away it was met with a lot of “whys” or “whats there?”.

Hobart gave a great first impression. Maybe not by the weather, but flying into Hobart City really shows how beautiful it is. It is a city that is surrounded by nature. Mountains on one side and the sea on the other. It really is stunning.

To Do

Port Arthur Lavender – We stopped here first thing in the morning right after we got off the plane. Partly because we were starving and it looked great but mainly, it was on the way. However it was well worth the stop. I have never been to a proper lavender farm before and it was great to see the farm, where the oils are distilled and taste how it is used in so many types of food! The menu was lavender everything and I was so into it. I got the lavender pancakes and would HIGHLY recommend.

Port Arthur Historic Site – This place is a whole day trip in itself. We went here straight from the airport as it was the most convenient way of blocking our trip and it was so worth it. Learning in depth about the convict history in Port Arthur and Australia in general was something I suggest everyone do, and go to Port Arthur to do so. The guides around the site were really insightful and interesting plus the day pass you buy includes a 20min ferry ride around the bay & optional stops as well.

Devils Kitchen, Tasman Arch – These two places are a cool little stop on the way back from Port Arthur to Hobart. Basically they are rock formations around the coastline which are really beautiful and worth a stop.

Salamanca Market & Salamanca Area – This place is a must visit if you go to Hobart. I planned our weekend around the fact that the Market was on Saturday and I am so glad that we did. Salamanca Market is one of the best street markets I have ever been to. It is massive! There are stalls for miles with everything you can imagine as well as live entertainment, food, alcohol and coffee tastings as far as you can see. There is also spots where locals can buy their weekly produce or grab brunch.

After we checked out the market we made a point of generally having a look around the area. Salamanca is a part of the city which looks like it has been pulled out of the back alleyways of Europe. You can definitely see the influence with the way the buildings look and the narrow, deceiving alleyways hiding loads of cool places.

Sullivans Cove Distillery – There was no way we could go to Tasmania without a trip to at least one whisky distillery. I chose Sullivans because they had tasting sessions and tours, turns out it was a great choice. The distillery itself has a really interesting history and the guys we met working there were really knowledgeable and just cool!

Mt Wellington – The place where you would think it was the middle of winter, at the end of summer. It was FREEZING up this mountain. We headed up Mt Wellington on the way back from the distillery, not realising quite how far up it was, nor how cold it would be at the top, I was certainly not dressed appropriately.
Unfortunately it wasn’t the best day as the weather was awful and it was really overcast, however if you do go in summer, there are so many hikes and walking trails that I swear you could spend a week and never get bored!
There is also an awesome coffee shop near the top which unfortunately we didn’t get to visit as they had just closed for the day, called Lost Freight Cafe. Ive heard really good things so will for sure visit next time!

Where to eat & drink

Wrest Point – Boardwalk Bistro – We were so tired the first night of our stay in Hobart that we decided to just eat somewhere in the hotel. There are 4 or 5 options within the hotel (one being an awesome revolving restaurant) and on this night we close to go to Boardwalk. The food we had here was amazing! The best fish and chips I have eaten in some time and the portions were massive! Although it wasn’t really glamorous, it was seriously delicious.

Salamanca Whiskey Bar – Once again, couldn’t go to Tasmania without finding an amazing whiskey bar and Salamanca didn’t disappoint. The cocktails were amazing and the service was pretty great. The bar itself is very cool, dark and has a great vibe! At certain times of the day they also do $10 cocktails which I am sad we missed but would definitely be worth going to.

Peacock and Jones – If you are looking to go out for a nice dinner in Hobart, I would recommend this restaurant. I would also highly recommend booking any dinners in advance as soon as you know you are going to Hobart as I must say, on a Saturday night it was almost impossible to get a reservation anywhere! However, the food here was so so good. They celebrate fresh, local produce, its very warm and welcoming, you can see the food being cooked as it is an open kitchen and the staff were absolutely lovely! Even though we walked in soaking wet looking anything but fabulous.

Jackman & McRoss Bakery – Its not often that I would recommend a bakery however this one deserves a mention. Located in Battery Point in Hobart, it has the most delightful baked goods and breakfast, brunch and lunch food. We stopped here on the last morning in Hobart not only for breakfast but to stock up on snacks and lunch foods for our hike later in the day. We ended up getting so much food but it was worth it as it was really great! Get some of the tarts and cakes to takeaway as well as a delicious coffee and sandwich! So good, I can not wait to return.

Where to Stay

Sandy Bay – This is where we stayed whilst in Hobart. As it was a special occasion I chose the Wrest Point Hotel as it looked nice, wasn’t too far to walk, drive or Uber into the city but also wasn’t right in the city. It was a really nice hotel, had amazing views of Mt Wellington and the harbour depending on where you were, had great grounds to walk around with loads of rabbits running around and has some great restaurant’s! There is also a Gym, Pool and Spa if you would like those ammenities and is also a massive Casino if that floats your boat.

Salamanca Area – This is a cool part of the city and once being there, is a place I would definitely stay next time. It is right int he middle of the action. Amazing restaurants, bars, cafes around as well as being right by the waterfront. Short walk into the bigger part of the city to shop etc and is just a really cool area of Hobart.

We can’r wait to head back to Tassy! Next time we are hoping to visit the upper and western parts of the island however I am also desperate to go to bruny Island which is one place on my Hobart Itinerary we didn’t get to go to!

I would love to hear about your favourite must see places in Tasmania! I have another post coming soon about Freycinet National Park and Wineglass Bay which was another of my favourite places 🙂

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