Staying motivated to workout at home

Working out at home has never been something that has been a regular activity before now. I never had any equipment and never found the space to be very motivating.
I am generally someone who prefers to go to classes as I am not super self motivated, however, when you are put in a situation that you can’t change, you adapt and thankfully that is what I have been able to do.

The saying “If I can do it, anyone can” is relevant here. Not only because I am not super fit, nor motivated. I also don’t run (for many reasons) and I live in a small shoebox one bedroom apartment. So I don’t have a lot of space. Add to that, my partner is currently working from home full time (AKA, I can’t just go and do a workout in the lounge/dining/kitchen whenever I want) so I am really proud of myself for making a routine and pretty much sticking to it.


Why are you wanting to work out? My why, was just to stay somewhat active, get fitter than I was and not be a blob. Not just physically but also and mainly, mentally. Working out releases endorphins aka happy hormones, so that high you get after a workout is what sometimes keeps me going. One of my favourite sayings will always be “You never regret a workout”.

How are you going to workout? My workouts are a mixture of bodyweight following along to a youtube or instagram video, light weights workout (so a lot more high rep, low weight), resistance band work, mobility, mat pilates workouts and of course, walking. If you can I would highly suggest investing in at least a few resistance bands and a few light weights or kettlebells. You will be surprised at what you can do with minimal equipment.

Have a go at something new. Have you always wanted to do a 30 day at home yoga challenge? Or try meditation, maybe do couch to 5k? Now is probably the best time to be able to do these things. Not only will it make things interesting for the time being, but you might learn to love something new going forward.

Lower your expectations. The unfortunate reality right now is that you likely can’t stick to your normal workout routine. So expecting to be able to do the same workouts or feel as motivated isn’t going to work. Example, you usually go into the gym and do reformer pilates and lift heavy barbells, likely you wont have access to those things (if it is reformer pilates you are missing, check out the KAYA Health Clubs instagram page for a pretty cool alternative!!) , so thinking that you will increase a weight PB or be able to recreate the same movements as on a reformer is unrealistic. Check your expectations and change them where you need.

Zoom & Instagram Live Classes. A LOT of health clubs, gyms, personal trainers, instructors, are running online classes or 1 on 1 training at the moment. Not only because it is a good opportunity for them, but it really helps people stay motivated and accountable. If you say you are going to get up at 7am on a Wednesday for a Zoom class and the instructor is there waiting for you, then you are more likely to do it.

Online resources. Along with the online live workouts, there is also this thing called Youtube, which if you look, has THOUSANDS of online follow along workouts for everything you can imagine. Type in “30 minute Yoga Flow” and you will have about one hundred options to choose from. Along with this, so many personal trainers and instructors have online guides to use. Some of these are free, sometimes you will need to buy them however it is a great way to support your favourite instructor or PT at a time like this.

Create a Schedule. For a lot of people at the moment, what they are missing the most is a routine. So create your own. Even if you aren’t going to work, put in your calendar the days and times you are going to work out. Whether that is a live class you want to do or your own thing. Write it down and schedule it in. Not only will it keep you accountable but it does give you a little bit of a routine and you will feel accomplished and proud of yourself afterwards.

Dedication > Motivation. I know that this post is called “how to stay motivated to work out at home” but the reality is that some days we do not have the motivation or mental space to do so, and thats okay. Listen to your body and if you really feel that you can’t do it today, write it off and try again tomorrow. However, if you are making excuses or ‘can’t be bothered’ thats when you need to try and just do it. Dedicate the time to do it, think about your physical and mental health. You generally will always feel better afterwards.

These are all things that have helped me over the last… 6,7? weeks. Working out gives some structure to my day, gives me something to do and is a way to make myself just feel better. I hope these tips, or thoughts are somewhat helpful or at least give you something to read.

Let me know what your favourite workouts are to do at home!

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