The Young Living Premium Starter Kit | The What, Why and How’s

In this post I’m sharing the best way to get started with essential oils if you really want to give the essential oil and non-toxic lifestyle a good go! It’s what inspired me to try essential oils and non toxic products and what I will always recommend.

After the really great response I got from my Non Toxic Living post a couple of weeks ago, I decided to follow up with a post all about the Young Living Premium Starter kit as I had a few questions about the general products and what is so. great about getting the whole kit, so here you go!

When I first looked into Young Living, the thing that put me off becoming a member for so long was the fact that you do need to buy a starter kit (there is a big difference between coming a member and buying retail! Including a 24% discount on the entire range as well as other benefits!), which to me was really expensive and seemed unnecessary when I only wanted a few oils. However, once I saw that there was a Healthy Home Premium Starter Kit (Let me know if you want a post specific to this kit!) and I was looking at changing all of the products in my home, it seemed like a no brainer to get that one. So I did.
That Starter Kit changed the game for me. Not only did it show me how amazing the non toxic products work but it showed me a few of the Essential Oils. There were only a few in the cleaning kit however it was enough for me to be hooked. Stress away made me want to get more because it worked!! It was my AH HA oil. It made me feel calm and helped me manage my anxiety so much.

So then I was thinking, well, I want all the rest of the starter kit oils and started adding them to my cart for my ER (Essential Rewards) order, and realised OMG its so much more expensive to buy them that way. So I decided you know what, I will just buy the Premium Starter kit. Not only did I get all of the oils I wanted (which includes some very expensive oils such as Frankincense and Valor) but it also included another new diffuser and some essential products for almost half the price! It’s honestly a bargain. If you were to buy all the oils separately, without the extras you are looking at around $500. However if you buy the starter kit, it is under $300 and you can choose the diffuser you want.

Premium Starter Kits Include

Diffuser Included – You Choose!

Essential Oils Included:

Orange – Sweet, uplifting, smells like freshly squeezed oranges! Great for teeth whitening, digestion issues and evening skincare!
Peace & Calming – Calming & Relaxing, Light fragrant citrusy smell. Great to diffuse in the evening for a restful sleep & to help calm overactive children.
Valor – Very soothing and calming, smells very woodsy and floral. Great for promoting emotional stability, helping with anxiety and creating a positive mindset.
Lavender – Calming with a floral scent. Lavender is probably the most popular oil of all time because of its many, many uses! Great in Skincare, diffused in the evening for relaxation and sleep and can even be added to food!
Peppermint – Uplifting, refreshing, energising! Peppermint has the most nostalgic smell. You can recognise it anywhere! Can be used to help pick you up when an afternoon is dragging, give you a boost for a workout and has the most refreshing and cooling sensation when applied topically.
Lemon – Energising and motivating! Smells like freshly grated Lemon Rind. Use in my energy roller, in the diffuser when cleaning, to get any sticky labels off things. So many uses!
Frankincense – Called the fountain of youth for a reason! Amazing skin benefits, very grounding. Smells quite earthy. I use this in my evening serum, face wash and a drop mixed in with my moisturiser!
Thieves – The cleaning genius. Great for the immune system! I use this in the diffuser when im cleaning along with lemon and purification. Smells very much of clove and spice. I add this to my cleaning spray for extra power and well as in my immunity roller.
R.C – Smells very fresh and refreshing. Known for respiratory support as when you breathe it in it really smells like you have just stepped outside into the fresh air. I put this in my diffuser whenever I am having a little trouble with my asthma or just sniff it from the bottle.
DiGize – This smells pretty gross. However, as you can expect from the name it is great for digestive support! I put this in a 5ml roller 15 drops and then top up with a carrier oil and rub it all over my stomach when bloated or feel unwell.
PanAway – The pain relief magician. I use this as a massage oil (once again in a roller mixed with a carrier oil) for when I have sore muscles or even monthly cramps. Roll it all over and it is so cooling and relaxing.
Stress Away – Smells like a tropical holiday. This is by far my favourite smelling oil. It’s so dreamy. I use this as a general stress reliever as a roll on and in my diffuser basically everyday. However sometimes I will also just roll it all over me for the smell. I want to smell like a tropical holiday, always!

Everyday Essentials Included

Thieves Spray – I keep this in my handbag and use to spray when out and about on trolley handles etc also door knobs and frequent touch points around the house.
Thieves Waterless Hand Sanitizer – We all know the use for this. I use this one as not only does it sanitize, but it smells amazing and doesn’t have the nasty chemicals.
2 x NingXia Red Sachets – The ultimate superfood. Used in the afternoons it is the best pick me up.
2 x AromaGlide Roller Fitments – Pop on top of bottles so that your oil bottle becomes an instant roller! With 2 in the pack, I would pop them on Stress away and Valor.

You also receive a Product Guide, Price List and Policies and Procedures.

I’m the type of person who puts a lot of thought and time into big purchases (hence it took me nearly 2 years to bite the bullet) and I wouldn’t recommend this if I didn’t think it was great. For me it really has been life changing. I don’t know a time now where I won’t use oils and there is rarely a time something happens and I don’t think, I have an oil for that. The oils, the cleaning products, the supplements, skincare & makeup are all completely non toxic and safe to use in your home and around our family. I will not be going back.

I am not claiming to be an expert, however I feel like a bucket of knowledge when it comes to some of these products and will rave about them to everyone. I am happy to write more posts on specific oils, blends, what I use specific oils for more in depth and am happy to answer any more questions you may have!

If you would like to get your own kit and jump on board, please let me know. You can also follow THIS link to get your own premium starter kit!

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  1. Jaymie says:

    It goes without saying the content on this page hits the nail in the head for many reasons. It steers away from the accustomed errors and errors too many fall into: getting defective alternatives. Keep it up!


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