A Typical Day In The Life – Lockdown Edition

Lockdown, what a time to be alive. The last 3 months have been an absolute rollercoaster! All of the emotions all of the experiences and more time spent at home than ever before. I remember when the start of this happened it felt very very surreal and even now, 11ish weeks after work closed, it still doesn’t feel that real.

I think its a normal human thing to be nosey. I personally haven’t really seen anyone during this time and it has made me so curious as to what people have been doing with their time. In fact, the first thing people generally ask is “What have you ACTUALLY been doing?” and I kinda have the same questions. So for all the nosey ones (like me), here is what I have been doing, a typical day in the life in lockdown.

6.30am – Wakey Wakey

Yes, we still have an alarm. Dietmar is still working full time from home, which is great for routine/ great for a regular wake up time. This usually goes off around 6:30/6:45am depending on the day. When the alarm goes off its a bit of a game as to who has to get up and go put the jug on. This is typically decided by whoever has kitty sitting on them. We then just have coffee, scroll & check news updates.

7.30am – 10.00am

This is the time where showering and getting ‘ready’ for the day usually happens. Sometimes, if the day isn’t too exciting and I don’t need to get up for anything in particular, I chill in bed with Kitty and read, watch Youtube or Netflix (keeping it real, don’t judge me) however I do try and at least shower, do my skincare, apply my oils (energy & stress away roller is generally a must) and brush my hair. Some days I try and get out for a walk during this time or clean/ do a load of washing.

10.00am – 11.00am

Breakfast time usually happens around this time however it really does depend on the day and when Dietmar is in meetings. Breakfast generally consists of either eggs & avo on toast or overnight oats depending on the day.

One of my amazing friends just launched a brand called Spicetub – an all natural, Local Australian spice brand which have been game changers!! Instead of thinking about what spices I am going to put on my breakfast in the morning’s I will either grab the Avo Smash or Porridge Master mix and sprinkle it on. So easy and delicious!

I also use this time to prep things in the kitchen whether it is a slow cooker for the evening, making stewed apples for the week or just generally cleaning.

11.00am – 1.00pm

The first thing I will do most mornings once I am up and feeling alive is go and fill up all the diffusers around the house and put in whatever blend I am feeling for the day. At the moment, Stress Away and Thieves are a must. Immune boosting and Stress Relieving, who doesn’t want that right. I will then sit at my desk and work on a few things such as emails, blog posts and I have also been doing free courses through Edx & Corsera so I do those as well as a few other things I have been working on.

1.00pm – 2.00pm – Lunch break

During this hour we try to either do a workout together, go on a walk, play board games or go and do a few errands such as go to the supermarket, market etc. Because we eat breakfast later we generally won’t eat lunch during this time, that comes later in the afternoon.

Fav Lockdown Workouts I have been doing:
– KAYA Health Clubs – KAYA @ HOME
Zanna Van Dijk Youtube
– Create own weights circuit
– Walking

2.00pm – 5.00pm – The afternoon slump

My productive time. Weirdly I ahve found that I am much more productive in the afternoon nowadays. I can sit for quite a long time and just get stuff done. Mostly writing or researching. If I am not doing this I clean something, go on a walk if I haven’t already, eat lunch (usually around 3ish), decide if I am going to put anything up on the gram, put a blog post up or generally browse the webs.

5.00pm – 6.30pm

Dietmar usually finishes work around this time and we do try and get out and go for a walk straight after he finishes or it just doesn’t happen. Plus, it has started getting dark at around 5.30pm so we don’t have much time.
If we don’t go out for a walk we might just chill & play board games or watch an episode of one of our guilty pleasure TV shows (currently we are watching Ramsay’s kitchen nightmares and it is great).

Best Games to play
– Ticket to Ride
– Scrabble
– Uno
– Monopoly Deal

6.30pm – 7.30pm – Dinner

Food, food, food. Basically my day just revolves around food. If my daily routine isn’t created by Dietmar’s work routine, it is created around meal & coffee times. I am generally the one who cooks in the home, mainly because I enjoy it. I will put a show on, pop in my headphones and get cooking.

Current Fav Dinner Ideas
-Lemon Mustard Chicken Tray Bake
-Pesto Pasta
-Sweet Potato everything

Evening Routine

After dinner we tend to do all the same things in generally the same order. We will clean up from dinner, have dessert if its on the cards, have a bath & read or watch the new season of Queer Eye because i’m obsessed, do my skincare routine & then hop in bed and chill. We usually watch an episode of something (currently the US Shameless) & then usually sleep by 10.30pm.

I would love to say that apart from a typical day like this there are wildcard activities that I do but honestly, there really isn’t that much! I have become quite the pro at reorganising things that don’t need organising, steam mopping and getting stains out of white tops… which is now just a fun activity.

I would love to know what everyone has been doing during this time! Have you learnt anything new or just used this time to chill and work on your health? Are you still working from home? Let me know!

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