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Tracys Antics was established in mid 2014 as a procrastination project whilst at university.  As something which started as a platform to speak about hauls and beauty, it has now turned into a platform discussing all things Travel, Lifestyle, Advice and Wellbeing.

I have a somewhat interesting background. I grew up in small town New Zealand where I lived for the first 17 years of my life. From there, after having a few good and bad life lessons, I decided to give University a go. First, studying to be a Vet Nurse and realising it wasn’t exactly for me, to getting my university entrance and eventually getting my Bachelors Degree with a double major in Psychology and Sociology.

From there, I shipped off to where I am now, in Melbourne Australia, where I have worked in many things from Sales, to Claims, to Insurance Operations and now, where I am meant to be, working in the Health and Wellness Industry in a Health Club… Also studying to become a Reformer Pilates Instructor and eventually wanting to become a Health Coach & Nutritionist.

This blog aims to offer readers inside thoughts and experiences that I have had as well as life lessons and advice which I have picked up along the way. As something that has grown with me over the past 4 years, the newer posts will have grown and be very different to what it previously was.

I have a real love for Travel, Wellness, Sustainable Health and Fitness as well as giving advice and reflecting on lessons I have learnt. I want this blog to be a little hub for those who maybe want to be inspired or even just need something to do whilst procrastinating from Uni work like I once did!

Catch me on Instagram, Twitter & my Tracys-Antics facebook page for all the updates and new posts as soon as they launch.

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