Non-Toxic Living

Essential Oils have recently become a pretty big part of my life. I have been slowing trying to live a more natural, non-toxic and chemical free life, for obvious & not so obvious reasons, however essential oils & specifically Young Living, fitted into this perfectly.

I have been interested in oils for a good part of the last few years however I never actually made the jump and invested properly in them. I bought a few cheaper oils ( Everyone has a learning curve) and a diffuser thinking that this would be the ticket however it never really got me excited. Then, I discovered Young Living and my whole perspective changed.

So, What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are basically an aromatic liquid which is distilled from plants, it is a very concentrated liquid which makes it very powerful. Essential oils can also penetrate cell membranes making them an efficient way to support immunity and transport important nutrients & oxygen around the body.

What are the benefits?

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years cosmetically, for dietary purposes and for spiritual & religious well being. They aren’t a new thing and the therapeutic benefits of oils are almost endless when used properly and consistently.

Essential oils work by supporting your bodies systems to do what they are meant to do naturally. They don’t override a system or stop a process as conventional medicine does, they just give your body a little nudge in the right direction so that they can do what they are supposed to do.

How do I use them?

Aromatically – This is probably the most well known and popular way to use oils. Its the one that everyone will know about. This is probably the quickest way of getting oils into your system, by either sniffing them straight from the bottle or diffusing them within your environment.

Topically – Depending on the oil, some can be put straight onto the skin, however the best option and what most people will do is make their own rollers. They are easy to find online and don’t cost much. You basically add oils into a roller along with a carrier oil and can roll it all over!

Ingest – With ingesting, it is VERY important not to just ingest any old oil. It must say on the packaging that it is okay for consumption. However, ones that can be are a great way to get a certain oil straight into you to help where need be, enhance a flavour in cooking or even added to water or sparkling water for an extra boost!

Why Young Living?

There are soooo many essential oil brands out there from local brands to big boy brands, so why did I go with Young living? There are a few really important reasons.

They are 100% therapeutic grade. Oils are not all created the same (just like your favouite beer or whiskey), some need to be distilled for longer than others and with slightly different methods to make sure you get exactly what you need from a certain plant.
Less expensive oils for example (ones you can get from the supermarket or on ebay etc) will generally just distill all oils for the same amount of time, making them fragrance grade, meaning they don’t have any of the therapeutic benefits that YL oils have.

Essential Oils have very few regulations meaning that just like anything, be it food or other products, you can’t always rely on the packaging to tell you what is inside. This basically means that anyone could be adding fillers, chemicals or who knows what! legally a company could say that a product is 100% Lavender Essential Oil, for example, however a more likely scenario is that its about 10% and the rest is filled with artificial fragrance, fillers and chemicals, because it isn’t regulated. Scary stuff!

Young Living has what they call a “Seed to Seal” promise or a commitment to the process of making essential oils. Which basically means that they are in complete control of their oils at all stages of the process. They either own their own farms or partner with farms and control the process that way.|
They distill all of their own oils, only plant on soil that hasn’t been contaminated with chemicals for 50+ years and they test all of their oils to make sure they are up to the Seed to Seal standard. They are passionate and transparent about their processes & farming practices.

So, if like me you are now interested in finding out more or are wanting to jump into this crazy and amazing way of life, you can join me here by ordering a starter kit or feel free to message me for more info!