China Travel | Hiking The Great Wall of China – Beijing Hikers & A Waste Free Wall

Hiking an older section of the Great Wall of China with Beijing Hikers was one of the best decisions I could have made! Definitely in the TOP 2 things I have EVER done!!

China Travel | Beijing Food Guide

Before going to Beijing, the one thing I was slightly terrified about was the food. Why? Because everyone I have known to have gone to an Asian country has for sure gotten food poisoning of some kind. However, my friend’s who I was staying with assured me I would be fine.. and they were right!

China Travel | Beijing Travel Guide

Traditional but vibrant, a mixture of the old and new, attractions, beautiful temples, hutongs, ancient palaces and so much history. Beijing really is a must visit if you go to China. Not only because its the capital city or that its right by the Great Wall but because it houses some of the most famous and iconic sights in China.